Membership Information

What does a membership include?

Note the following schedules require confirmation from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR) and are therefore subject to change:

  • Curling nights are Sunday and Thursday and about 2 hours (approximately 7-9 pm)
    • Sunday: Initially teams of 4 are set randomly at the beggining of the season. If you and a spouse, or friends, want to be on a team then let others know and you can usually stick together. A few weeks into the season, teams will be set for competitive play the rest of the season.
    • Thursday: Teams of 4 are created each night. If you have a group that wants to be on a team then let others know and you can usually stick together.
  • Brooms and all other equipment needed for curling are included.
  • Members of the club help set up the ice for curling. This typically takes 15 minutes.
  • If you need accessibility assistance then let us know and we will ensure we can accommodate you. The arena is wheelchair accessible and we have delivery sticks for members who prefer not to deliver using the lunge method.
  • Typically after each event we’ll head out to a local North End bar (currently Ward 8) and have some drinks (called broomstacking) with teammates and opponents. It’s tradition for the winning team to buy the first round! Sportsmanship and team traditions like these are important foundations of the club.

We Curl At

Steriti Memorial Rink
561 Commercial Street
Boston, MA 02109, United States


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